Save energy in the kitchen with hobs and ovens

If we practice simple habits regularly applied in our kitchens and ovens allow significant energy savings:

Energy saving in ceramic hobs

It is essential to choose the right container for cooking, the better the smaller and more suited to the amount of food to be cooked. For the Cheap Houston Energy Rates proper electricity conservation is essential here.

Covering the cooking containers saves energy.

Take advantage of the residual heat from kitchens and ovens to finish cooking. This advice is especially useful in the case of ceramic hobs that remain hot for a while after being turned off.

Choose the container that best suits the stove or stove on which we are going to cook. The gas flame or the ceramic hob must not exceed the diameter of the container as this is a waste of energy.

Use quality kitchen batteries. The thick-bottomed ones are more efficient because they diffuse …

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