Have a control on your expenses with OneVanilla prepaid cards

onevanilla balance

At present, many people are facing lots of financial problems and them not having sufficient cash in hand. Some people use their credit card to manage their financial situation and it leads to paying a high interest rate. The onevilla is a prepaid MasterCard or Visa debit cards that can be highly useful for the people to have control over their expenses. These prepaid cards were reloadable, so you can load the funds in onevanilla balance whenever you needed. Make use of these cards with knowing the balance, so that you can recharge it if the cash is low.

onevanilla balance

Important things to know about OneVanilla prepaid debit cards

  • Having OneVanilla cards can go out anywhere without cash and it helps to limit the money you were spending.
  • It is not like credit cards as there is no option for borrowing money and paying interest, these are prepaid debit cards that have the amount which was deposited in it.
  • Can get the OneVanilla prepaid debit cards in the retail stores and supermarkets that were associated with it.
  • These cards can be used in the places wherever the Visa and MasterCard were accepted.
  • The OneVanilla prepaid debit cards can be found in the label that has mentioned with a range of amount which indicates the minimum and maximum cash it can hold.
  • OneVanilla prepaid cards don’t require any process for activation as they were activated automatically when it has been purchased.
  • If these cards were shopped in online then it may ask to assign zip code and it can be done in their website and have to follow the instructions mentioned correctly for successful card activation.

Ways for checking the OneVanilla card balance

Shopped a OneVanilla prepaid card then visit their website and login into your account. Make use of this account to check the balance in the account also for reloading the card with adding funds. Need to make use of this card for online shopping then assign the zip code. Have to check the account balance without login into the site then it can be done by making use of your card. In the homepage of the site there will be a box as “Manage Your OneVanilla Card” that need to be filled with the required information correctly and username or password was not required for it. At first, it asks for the 16-digit card number and then you have to enter the details of card expiry in the respective field. Finally, need to provide the input of the 3-digit CVV number which will be on the backside of the card. After providing all the inputs correctly click the Sign In button and it will take it to the account dashboard and there you can see the balance of the card. Even you can recharge the card using the option for reloading.

If you have any problem in accessing the website or logging into the site then get to know the account balance by calling the customer service. The customer service contact information was available on the OneVanilla card back using that contact them. After connecting with a representative they will ask the details needed for checking the balance and you need to provide the required inputs correctly and they will check and say the onevanilla balance details.